Juky Run


Arnocob : Environment art direction, Concept art environment.
Nicolas Carrié : Environment art direction, Character artist, Environment artist.
Samuel Duran : Character animation. 

JUKY RUN is a multiplatform published (available for iphone, ipod and ipad) 3D runner video game, developed, created by PIKY TEAM and OUTLINE-DIGITAL.
Our first collaboration with PIKY TEAM and the begining of a bigger adventure.

OUTLINE-DIGITAL studio took in charge the entire visual creation and realisation (concept art, proxy for tests, high-end models, game assets and animations...) of the video game.
JUKY RUN made over 500 000 downloads only on apple devices.

JUKY RUN est un jeux 3D runner/platformer multiplateforme (disponible sur PC, MAC, Android, iphone, ipad...), developpe et cree par PIKY TEAM et OUTLINE-DIGITAL.
Notre premiere collaboration avec PIKY TEAM et le debut d'une aventure encore plus grande.
OUTLINE-DIGITAL a pris en charge la creation et la realisation complete des assets du jeux video (concept art, proxy pour les tests, high-end models, game assets et animations...).
JUKY RUN a fait plus de 500 000 telechargements seulement sur les produits apple.